People First!


We need to increase the funding for all our public educational institutions.    A strong educational system will lead to better opportunities for careers and lead to a stronger economy.  We need to have a more diverse education system, one that allows for vocational education as well as college preparation.  More choices for students and parents will lead to a stronger public school system and a better society.


We need to strengthen our economy by protecting our current jobs.  Increasing the minimum wage would be a good start. Allowing people to earn more money will spur the economy by an individual having more spending power.  Our younger generation has to work two or three jobs, seniors are being forced back to work, and family members are required to work two jobs to make ends meet.

We need to restructure the “Right to Work” legislation to help protect our current jobs and protect our future jobs.  Unions have always set the standards for non-union pay, benefits and workers safety. To weaken the unions means to weaken the voices of ALL workers.

We need a tax system that is fair to ALL people.  Allowing the wealthiest individuals/corporations to have tax cuts/incentives is wrong and does little to help our economy.  Increasing the taxation on the middle class and retirees does not help create jobs, it actually costs us jobs because individuals to have less spending money.  


We live in this environment, and there is only one environment. When we destroy the environment, we only hurt ourselves. We need to protect the environment, not just for us, for future generations.  We cannot afford to be short-sighted and give in to the pressure of big oil/coal companies. Our Environment is vital to our overall economy. We need to decommission line 5.  We live and work in a tourist economy. We depend on a beautiful natural environment to keep families coming to Northern Michigan.  Keep “Pure Michigan” pure.

Protecting the Middle Class and our Senior Citizens:

Our middle class and seniors citizens are under attack, and we need to fight back.  Fewer people with large amounts of money are taking more control over our government every day. We need to end the taxation on our pensions and annuities immediately.  We need to restore the tax credits for Michigan families and homeowners.

Road/Bridge and Infrastructure:

We need to support/increase funding for the repair of our roads and bridges.  Our roads and bridges are a vital part of our economy and day to day lives. For businesses to move products and for people to travel through our beautiful state, we need better roads.